A few questions about false eyelashes

topic posted Mon, September 1, 2008 - 3:45 PM by  Huraiva
I’ve been performing for years, but never worn false eyelashes. I’ve been considering adding them to my stage makeup, especially after seeing some of the specialty versions out there, but have some questions.

Is there a brand those of you who wear them regularly recommend?

Since some are cheap ($2 or $3) and some are expensive ($12 or $15), approximately how many times can you wear them before they don’t work well anymore?

Is there an adhesive you recommend over the others?

Do you put them on before or after the rest of your eye makeup?

Do you go ahead and put mascara on your real lashes when wearing false ones?

Are there any technique recommendations for applying the lashes?

Once you have them on and are done performing, how do you get them back off without hurting them so you can use them again?

Any other recommendations for a false eyelash novice?

Thank you!
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    Mon, September 1, 2008 - 4:06 PM
    Ok love.....
    as far as brand I personally wear a variety of brands....everything from Ardell (drugstore) to MAC to Kryolan to Shu Uemura.....whatever catches my eye (no pun intended :) )
    Adhesive: Duo is the best and I personally use the darktone one because if they're not perfect it's easier camoflauged.
    I usually put on most of my eye makeup except liner and mascara.
    I curl my own lashes, put on the fake lashes, then put liner, then put mascara to blend my lashes with the fakes.
    As far as techniques go....well, maybe since you are a beginner do one of either....either buy the 'half' lashes or trim regular lashes so you're only putting them on the outer half of the eye. This may be easier for you just starting out. Personally I prefer this look most of the time anyway but I have pretty thick natural lashes.
    After you carefully take the lashes off of their 'form', put a thin strip of the glue on them and you need to wait several seconds before applying to your lid. It's good to sort of wiggle them around (couldn't think of a better description). Kind of forming the part with the glue on it so it will fit to your lid shape better....kind of in a 'U' shape (Does that make sense?)
    Tilt your head back, and carefully set lashes right into the very edge of the lids, as close to your lash line as possible. You can take tweezers to do this if it's easier and even use the other end of the tweezers to sort of push the lashes into your lashline.
    As far as removing's best to take one end, I usually start with the outter edge, and pull down and across very slowly. If you do this it doesn't hurt and you can clean them off immediately and put them right back in the same package you got them in to keep their form.
    I hope this helps.....everyone has a slightly different way of putting them on......and I will say practice, practice, practice.
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      Re: A few questions about false eyelashes

      Mon, September 1, 2008 - 5:08 PM
      i pretty much use the same exact method.
      except i put both liner and mascara on before, and then mascara after to blend.
      but play around and find what works for you.
      and PRACTICE!! a ton.
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    Mon, September 1, 2008 - 6:12 PM
    A few tips I'd like to add to Leana's comments:

    * The "wiggle them around" thing is to break the spine of the lashes. After they've been sitting on that form for lord knows how long, it will be hard to get them to conform to the curve of your eyelids if you don't break the spine a bit to make them more flexible.

    * Before you put the glue on the lashes, put them up against your eyelids to measure them & cut any excess off of the "fat" end of the lash (ie, the outside edge). Eyelashes come one-size-fits-all and they don't -- you will need to trim them to your eyelid length.

    * For applying the glue, squeeze some out on the tray the lashes came on or a paper plate or something, and use a toothpick or end of a bobby pin or something similar to actually apply the glue to the lash. You need VERY little and it needs to sit a minute or so on the lash to get gummy before you apply them to your lid. Often times when people can't get eyelashes on, it's because they've used too much glue or it's too wet to set.

    * NEVER curl your lashes after applying mascara. Mascara causes your lashes (& the fake ones) to become brittle & curling them after applying mascara can cause them to break.

    * I use mascara as an extra way to adhere my false lashes to my real ones. I even use clear mascara for the crazy-colored ones (when you wouldn't want to marr them up with colored/black mascara).

    * It's best not to pull off the lashes when you're done with them -- this will not only extend the life of the falsies, but save you from accidently pulling out some of your actual lashes in the process. Use some eye makeup remover on a cloth/pad & gently wipe the lashes off in a down ward motion. Then use a pair of tweezers to remove any excess glue on the spine of the lashes & store them in their original packaging -- you can get lots of wear out of one pair this way -- just make sure they're clean so no bacteria builds up.

    * Like Kire said, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Do not try to wear lashes for the first time the night you are going to perform. Practice & wear them around the house while you're cleaning or something -- they take a LOT of getting used to if you've never worn them before, so like a new pair of shoes, break them in!

    One of my favorite online resources for this area is: Some good pictures in it too.
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      Mon, September 1, 2008 - 10:50 PM
      I forgot to add the part about sizing them to your eye. I never have to do this for myself, they always fit perfectly so I forget that. Thanks for adding that! :)

      Also, good suggestion about the way you remove them. I didn't know that part. Makes alot of sense!

      I just bought some really cool lashes with tiny little red beads on the end and I like your suggestion for using clear mascara instead of black. I've been concerned about using black mascara on these. I want to keep those babies for as long as possible cuz they're so cool!
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    Wed, September 3, 2008 - 6:39 AM
    Thank you everyone for the suggestions (and the past threads to read - I had found a couple of them but not all when I did a search before posting.)

    A few more questions:

    How do you pick a pair? There seems to be so many options whispies, demis, sweeties etc. I did a search on amazon just to see what was out there and am even more confused than I was before when I had just looked at my local walgreens! What are the benefits/purpose of each kind?

    What I'd really like is the kind with the sparklies in them (rhinestones), but where do you find those? walgreens didn't have them. I'm not necessarily looking for totally out there, just some small sparklyness.

    Thank you!
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      Wed, September 3, 2008 - 10:21 AM
      >> What I'd really like is the kind with the sparklies in them (rhinestones), but where do you find those?

      Your local drug store should have some of these. If not, Tribal Kitty carries some for a great price:

      As to what kind, it's really just your preference. First, ifferent lengths & different thicknesses work for different people -- you're going to HAVE to try them on in order to figure out what looks right with your face & costume, and what feels the least weird when you wear them. Second, how glitzy/showy/theatrical you get with them is all a matter of personal preference -- you can go very normal to totally out there. That being said, you should start out with the cheap $2.99/pair kind until you figure out what you do & don't like.
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        Wed, September 3, 2008 - 11:15 AM
        Hmm, ok I have naturally long and curly lashes (which is part of why I've never worn the false ones before) Should I be worried about accidently puchasing lashes that are shorter than my natural lashes? How can I tell? What about matching the curl? I never use one of those torture devices (eye lash curlers) since my eye lashes naturally curl up and touch my eyebrows when my eyes are wide open. I've uploaded a couple of self taken photos of my eyes in my profile to try and give you a better idea.

        Has anyone ever purchased from here I was googling sparkly lashes and found it, prices look good, but nothing that I could find about how much shipping they charge.
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          Wed, September 3, 2008 - 2:35 PM
          Your natural lashes sound like what the rest of us are trying to achieve with the falsies, LOL!

          Everyone else has covered pretty much every angle, but I just thought I'd put my 2cents in...

          I always apply the lashes as the very last step; that way the cleaning & upkeep of the lashes is minimized, and they last much longer.

          In terms of which type/style to use, it also depends on what type of eyelids you've got - i.e. if your eyes are deep-set and/or a lot of your eyelid sort of disappears (for lack of a better description) when your eyes are open, then the super long, thick lashes would not be a good choice, because your eyeshadow would essentially be hidden behind a black curtain of lashes. I don't think you'll need to worry over-much about your natural lashes being longer than the false ones - even if that were to happen it would probably just have the effect of being "wispier", especially if the false ones are the wispy style (rather than the thick, even fringe style). I hope that makes sense!
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            Wed, September 3, 2008 - 3:14 PM
            I love everyone's suggestions on here---heed them all girl!!! There was a thread on here re: safety in eyelash adhesive.

            ALSO, now that Halloween is upon us, I love descending on drugstores & Halloween warehouses AFTER the season is over for half off on the coolest lashes you would never think to wear but if it's only $1.00 why not!!! Colored ones, long whispy edges, glitter, rhinestones, etc. Not to mention, spray on glitter, hair colors, fishnets, specialty items, etc. Have fun!!!
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            Wed, September 3, 2008 - 3:34 PM
            It does thank you.

            And while my lashes are long and curled, they arnt overyly thick, so the whispie look if they are longer than the fake ones is probably spot on. The added thickness and therefore showing up from stage is why I'm considering using them, well that and all the cool new looks you can get with sparklies -- I like sparklies :)

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