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topic posted Tue, February 26, 2008 - 2:58 PM by  Stefanie
Sorry if I posted this incorrectly, I tried to post in "requests" but I couldn't figure out how to do so.

Anyway - I would like to talk with someone who blocks out their eyebrows. I've read all the "how-to's" and "I've heard this works" and stuff like that...but what I need is a uTube video or something from someone who actually *does* block out their eyebrows. Is there anyone who does this and can help out? The results I am getting are not satisfactory.

Thank you in advance.

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    i did this a few years ago in a theatrical makeup class....if i remember correctly i painted over my eyebrows with spirit gum and then applied a thin layer of wax. then you can apply your foundation etc over top of that.

    i also checked my "Making Faces" book by Kevin Aucoin and heres what it says:
    Step One: Draw over brow with sealing wax
    Step Two: Paint over waxed brow with eyebrow sealer
    Step Three: Let Dry
    Step Four: Cover with foundation same colour as skintone
    Step Five: Apply loose powder to set
  • My suggestion is tap your local theatre store. There are products out there specifically for blocking out facial hair in the theatre. one of them being called eye brow wax. Also, check your local library and look for some basic stage makeup technique books. This technique is usually considered a basic and should be included with detailed instructions, pictures and names of products.

    I personally use eyebrow wax followed by a sealer (for the wax), then a layer of liquid latex to blend it in with my skin texture. I stipple and texture the latex before it dries, then powder over it and apply the makeup.
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    One cheap-and-easy I've used is to wet the corner of a bar of soap, then rub it over your eyebrows. Do this 2-3 times per brow until there's a nice buildup of soap. You can then paint over it with liquid latex (easiest to find in small tubes at Halloween stores) or just cover them over with foundation. The outline of the brow will be visible up close, but from 8'-10' away should be almost invisible.
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      Now I get it. Geisha used to mix their cream make up with wax to get a really thick goop. I would get a cheap bottle of heavy coverup from CVS or Riteaid or whichever and experiment.

      But when I wanted to do that, I just shaved them off. If you want to resort to that, get them professionally waxed or pluck them out with tweezers. Facial hair remover can't cut through the thicker eyebrow hairs, and you ahve to apply it so many times you get burns. And shaving just looks awful.
      • Ask a local drag queen???? They are pros at might search under "drag makeup tips" or something like that.
        • we did this for an ultra gypsy show about 3 years ago- here's what my exploration led to-

          if you pluck your eyebrows i'd start by plucking them as much as you feel comfortable- the less hair you have to cover up the easer your task will be

          START WITH THE WAX- theatrical shop- warm it up so you can GET AS THIN A LAYER AS POSSIBLE, you have to really get it in there and GET YOUR EYEBROWS AS FLAT AS YOU CAN.

          i prefer spirit gum to latex- it's thinner, less messy, makeup goes over it better- BRUSH on a thin layer of SPIRIT GUM OVER THE WAXED EYEBROW, make sure you cover it compleatly, don't be afraid to go over the edge of the wax with the spirit gum.

          LET IT DRY all the way

          COVER WITH MAKEUP- DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR MAKEUP you'll need something heavy duty, the best thing i found was a stick coverup by benefit(i think), it was thick and creamy, highly pigmented. it works well to pat the make up on and then cover with powder.

          it takes a few time to get it right but this is what i came up with as the most fool proof for 13 dancers...
          good luck!

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