Eyeliner Allergy - Help!

topic posted Mon, May 19, 2008 - 4:59 AM by  Halleyah
I've been wearing eyeliners for years and suddenly in the last year they are turning my eyes red. I mean scary zombie looking red - like I have some dread eye disease. It happens really quickly once I put them on. I thought maybe my liners were old and so bought new, but it's still happening. I don't line the inside of my eye, but I do wear contacts. I do line the entire outside of the eye including into the corner near the nose - but I'm careful to keep the liner outside the eye.

Anyone got any suggestions for either product or some other solution to this! Zombie eyed belly dancers just don't work for me.

Halleyah :(

PS: The liner I use for everyday wear that I apply just along the top lash line doesn't bother me at all. Could the color be the problem? My daywear is brown and my dance liners are black. Hmmm?
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  • that's odd.... maybe it's a chemical in the eyeliner that you're reacting to.... have you tried different brands?

    if for some reason it is only the black eyeliner that you react to, you could try one of 2 things
    either using a different color (dark brown, dark purple, something of the likes)
    or, instead of eyeliner, try using black eyeshadow? i put it on instead of eyeliner, with a Q-tip, takes some practice but works well (holds very well! and i love the look) (i get some eyeshadow on the Q-tip, brush it onto the contour of my eyes. it doesn't matter if the line is too thick cos you can just wipe part of it off with your finger or a clean Q-tip or whatnot)
    • I have tried different brands and it's getting a bit expensive, so I thought I'd ask before continueing. :)

      I hadn't thought about using eyeshadow instead of a liner. I was sort of afraid the powder would flake off around my eye, but I hadn't thought about applying it wet.

      Thanks for the suggestion,
      Halleyah :)
  • The SAME EXACT thing has happened to me in the past month. I would love anyone's advice as well!

    I am also a contact lens wearer, and my "every day" liner does not bother me (different brand, and a pencil). But... I have my favorite black liquid liner that I have used in the past with no problem, and now as soon as I touch it to my face my eyes become VERY red. I am also very careful to stay outside the lash line, but do line the entire outside including the inner corner.

    If anyone knows of a SUPER gentle liquid black liner that STAYS PUT and preferably has a felt tip applicator, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about it.
    • Contact lens wearer also! My eyes are very sensitive to purple eyeliners (and sometimes purple or red eyeshadows). They inevitably make my eyes red and itchy and miserable. :(

      I second the suggestion of finding an eyeshadow that works for you and using that to line your eyes. I use a damp brush and just "paint" it on.
    • That also happened to me a few years ago!

      I switched all my makeup then to MAC... and I've never had a problem since. Lately, I've been using the Rimmel brand for eyeline also with success but I don't know if it was because a few years had happened since that allergy incident.

      I have also done the "eyeliner" trick with applying eyeshadow as a line with an eyeliner brush that is slightly wet.
  • I purchased some of the "night" color from I touch roses, and use a bit of water with that and paint it on.
    I LOVE IT! its even blacker than most of my creamy liners!!!!

    Try a mineral makeup, mix your own water in...
  • Have you tried using a different brand of black eyeliner? Or, if it is one you apply with a brush, have you tried switching brushes? My skin is pretty sensitive, and I noticed I would get red welts when I applied makeup - but it turned out my brushes were way too scratchy.

    I use a felt tip liquid from L'oreal - it comes in a long gold tube, and I LOVE it.. The color is a true black, it doesn't smudge easily or feel heavy and I've never had an itchy reaction to it. Alternately, mineral makeup applied wet (either with water or a fixative) works well for me.
    • I don't use a brush (except with the HIP), but I have had a similar experience. I almost always throw out the brush that comes with somehting and use my own super soft one.

      I'll check into the L'oreal. I haven't tried that one yet and I love felt tips!

  • Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies react differently to things we may have never had problems with before...I'd suggest trying to find organic make-ups that don't have the chemicals in them that lots of others do...

    It also could be that you're reacting to the specific pigments of the black try the eyeshadow method...and if it works for you, fine...but you're probably going to have to experiment quite alot to find the right thing for you...

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