Breaking out along the hairline

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Hi all,

I am sure that there have countless posts about acne, but I am still going to post another. For the past few weeks, I have been having breakouts along my hairline. I've tried switching shampoo, but that doesn't seem to help.

Anyone have any ideas or tips?

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  • I don't know what the rest of your face cleaning routine is like. However I suspect its not the shampoo that is the problem. This is something I learned from my mom and it has helped with my hairline breakouts.

    About once a week (sometimes more sometimes less depending on the season) I do a cold cream rub all over my face. I focus on my trouble spots; creases around my nose, the hairline (even somewhat into my hair), my neck. Using a gentle circle massage stroke all over. Take your time, let it soak and then massage more in. I suspect you will feel little rocks float out the skin of your forehead (yeap gross), then with a dry wash cloth remove the cold cream, then wash your face as usual. The rub takes about 30 min and sweating is ok. The wash cloth will probably have some black on it.

    I have done this on my sons when they were teenagers both on their faces and backs and it kept their breakouts under control. My husband will even ask for it when he starts a breakout. Also my skin seems happier and healthier afterwards. Try it once and see what you think
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      Hi Felecia,

      Thanks for the tip. Will Pond's Cold Cream work? I always have that on hand as a make-up remover. Maybe I will give your cold cream massage a try tonight.

      • I use Ponds. I use it because I have sensitive skin and allergies and it doesn't bother my skin. But I think whatever cold cream you have would be fine (cold cream is cold cream I think). Use what works for you skin.

        I have combination dry and oily, and still get breakouts at 46. My dry skin just soaks it in and the oily skin, well thats where I really get the deep cleaning I need. Then I wash with an acne wash, but only after the cold cream massage the rest of the time I wash with a ph neutral hypo allergenic soap.

  • You might wanna try wearing a hair band at night, or anything to keep your hair out of your face. I did this and it helped my skin quite a bit. Oil from your hair can cause bad breakouts, especially if you're sleeping with it in your face, something many people do without realizing.

    So yeah, hope that helps.
    • One other thought... I used to have short hair and used a gel product on it... frequently. As a high schooler who ran cross country I wound up with the worst combination possible... lots of sweat running down my face, and all my gel in it and being a teenager. I could feel the slickness from the gel over my forehead due to the gel... so if you are using a hair product and happen to be sweating... that might contribute significantly to it break outs. I have grown my hair out a bit now so I don't use gel but I still use a band when I work out to keep hair products at bay, seems to save the edge of my face and my neck from painful break outs!
  • Yep thats part of my skin problem is my hair, to be healthy I have to condition it regularly (2or 3 times a week) and not shampoo it more than once a week. So to really get the scalp sweat and product out of my hairline I do the facial, even at the base of the skull. So on sweaty times I keep my hair away from my face and up of my neck.
    • I have heard a few times that washing is essentially unnecissary. I tried to do the condition only drill found my hair to get really oily. I dislike the idea of stripping my hair every day with shampoo, but between regular workouts (weight lift, run, dance etc etc) and generic oil i don't think skipping washing is the best idea! Is there a balence between infrequent hair washing and staying clean? I feel like my hair not only is sweaty but also just plain greasy and looks unattractive, what's the catch there?
      • I find that washing my hair every other day or every third day (depending on how it looks and feels) tends to keep it clean but not too dry. I actually like the texture of my hair better on the days I don't wash. However, I don't run; I do yoga, pilates, and dance, so my hair may not get as sweaty as yours.

        I also found that switching shampoos helped. I had been using Pantene (which was stripping my hair too much), but I've switched to Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Dove has worked really well for me over the past few months. If you don't like Dove, there may be other mild, moisturizing shampoos that work well for you.

        Oh, and even on days I don't wash, I still rinse my hair with water when I shower. I should probably also specify that I don't use a blow dryer or any product in my hair (unless I'm performing), so my hair routine might not be suitable for those who do either of those.
      • since i stopped relaxing my hair i've been trying to adhere to the curly girl thing, infrequent washing, no-poo, whatever. it does help alot but if you have issues about keeping your hair clean, you could try going over your scalp with a cotton ball of dilluted shampoo or astringent or something similar. i've personally not tried that (whenever i feel like i need to, i'll just dillute some shampoo and apply it all over) but i've heard from other people that it helps alot

        i'm also going to try that cold cream thing!
  • since i stopped relaxing my hair i've been trying to adhere to the curly girl thing, infrequent washing, no-poo, whatever. it does help alot but if you have issues about keeping your hair clean, you could try going over your scalp with a cotton ball of dilluted shampoo or astringent or something similar. i've personally not tried that (whenever i feel like i need to, i'll just dillute some shampoo and apply it all over) but i've heard from other people that it helps alot

    i'm also going to try that cold cream thing!
  • Yeah, it is a challenge. I am an avid swimmer so my hair gets punished from the pool water. When I was younger with baby fine hair it was the standard routine of shampoo and condition every other day. But as I got older, and after kids, my hair really changed texture. It became more like my welsh/irish grandmas, but more frizzy (really frizzy). I was so frustrated I just kept it in a pony tail or bun. Then one day I commented on a little girls hair and her mom told me 'her trick'. Wash once a week and rinse/condition daily. Well now people ask about my curly hair and if I get it permed. It did take a while to get use to the oiler texture, but then I was not piling on product on my hair to deal with the frizz, so its really not as weighed down . Hair people now comment on how healthy my hair feels. So I would say its what works for your hair and you.
    • Ex-actly...!!!

      No one thing is going to work the same for two people...and as a former cosmetologist, I can tell you that most people don't seem to want to hear that...

      We all think there is some magick formula that's gonna work for everyone, but it's not so...

      Coarse, curly hair needs heavier conditioners to keep it under control and/or not as much shampooing...
      Thin, fine hair generally needs more frequent shampoos and a lighter conditioner so as not to weigh it down...

      ...and I could go on and on with every different combo of hair type and which method each might use to style or care for their hair...but that would take days!!!

      Basically, you just have to go thru trial and error to find what works for you...

      As far as product goes...yes, it will build up on your hair and it's a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo on occasion...more often, depending on how heavily you condition your hair and how many styling products you typically use on your hair...

      The cold cream is sloughing away dead skin and if there's excess next to the hairline, then it's more than likely a build up of hair products and make-up...which tends to build up quite badly right along the hairline...they combine and make for some pretty bad yes, the cold cream is a good's doing the same work for your skin that a clarifying shampoo will do for your hair...and it's softening and moisturising your skin, at the same time... of my lectern, now... :-D
      • Yeah my friend is a curly girl and she was doing my hair for a wedding and I started reading her book... which avocated the less shampooing. She only conditions now and her hair is happier.... I have no curly hair, I'm thick and straight. I guess I'll have to play with it, I use Garnier Fructis color shield as I color my hair. I wonder if I can just go every other day. At some point I'll stop colouring it and go back to regular shampoo. Let the experimentation begin! thanks for the thoughts!
        • I colour mine, too...I use a permanent colour about twice a year...and then semi-permanent about every six weeks, in between...that way it freshens up the colour, but it's not as harsh as using the permanent colours all the time...

          I use the Garnier most of the time, too...I love very well and smells yummy...

          My hair is medium thickness with a slight wave to it...and I generally shampoo and condition every other for me...
          • hmmm I like that idea, especially with the colour. I am black right now and I have a devil of a time keeping it fresh looking. The reds stayed really well. I think I might try that permanent/semi permenent. What a great idea! Thank you!
            • Very welcome...and if you want a lovely, shiny semi-permanent...I use Midnight Black on my part of the Clairol Herbal Essenses line...doesn't look all flat and un-natural like some of them do...
              • oh thanks... I was just wondering about that. I have to talk my roommate into helping me with it. I'm not much on trying it for myself when I can talk her into it... seems like it would be damn hard by ones' self. I think the Clariols are nice, I believe thats' what I orginially used way back when I started... I'll take a gander when I get to Wal mart next at the Midnight Black... I hate how badly the blacks tend to dull!
                • The Herbal Essense semis are wonderful...not at all harsh and they last about the longest of any of the commercially available brands that I've tried...

                  Depending on how long your hair is...I lean over my tub and go around the edge of my hairline, first...then I do a cross section from center back to center front...then from ear to ear...going across the crown of my head...once you get that quadrant done, you can go back and do little lines from point to point in each section...and pull it thru to the ends as you're going along...BE SURE TO WEAR THE GLOVES...unless you like having funky coloured hands, that is...:-D

         word of advice...if you have very long hair, you may want to get two boxes...cuz one box only makes 4 oz. of consider that, too...
  • One more thing, when you wash your face morning and night, how do you rinse it? If you do the spash with water like you see on commercials it often leaves a residue of your cleanser along the hairline and that will cause breakouts. Make sure that you use a cleanser for your skin type and rinse with a washcloth or thoroughly in the shower.
    • Ab-so-lutely!!! I don't feel like my face is clean if I don't use a washcloth to get the soap off...and scrub just a little bit, too...just feels like it gets the circulation going and makes me feel refreshed...and gets off the residue and dead skin, too...

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