has any heard of 24 hour lipstick?

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does any one know any makes that do 14 hour lipstick? thanks
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  • I don't know about 24 hours, but I use Revlon Colourstay and it lasts all day long as long as you don't eat anything oily.
    The drawback is that unlike a traditional lipstick which leaves your lips soft, this product feels tight and dry, so you have to frequently re-apply the gloss that comes with it. The colour itself lasts forever though.
    • I agree with both comments about the long lasting color, but also the extreme dryness. The bigger problem for me is that I can go through the gloss much faster than the lip color, yet can't seem to find any company that makes extra gloss only. And you can't use just any lip balm because so many have oils that break down the color. If anyone has suggestions or knows of a company that sells extra gloss only, I'd sure be interested, and probably others too.
      • I've found you can use the mentha-shine lip gloss from Bath and Body Works with this and it doesn't break down the lipstick film. They have a crimson tinted one that adds shine, prevents dry tight lip syndrome, and feels marvelous to boot. It doesn't stain either, so if your veil brushes against your lips, no harm is done.
        • the reason i've asked is that i asked sharon k from bellydance superstars how on earth she got the glittery look on her lips she said put 24 hour lipstick on let it dry add gloss let it dry a bit add glitter then add more gloss, now i understand everything apart from the 24 hour lipstick bit!!
    • Be sure to check ingredients, for even though Mac nor Revlon test on animals, both companies (and most others) do occasionally use carmine in their red lipsticks.

      Carmine, for those who may not know, is made from the cochineal beetle. These beetles are farmed, harvested, boiled, and crushed, and added to all sorts of things (not just cosmetics) to get red coloring. If a product doesn't list carmine, but does list "natural coloring" in their list of ingredients, then it's likely that it's carmine. (This also applies to foodstuffs--at least in the States). Yikes!

      I *think* that the EU has now mandated that carmine be listed by this name in ingredient listings, but I'm pretty sure that the FDA here in the States doesn't--yet, anyway. We can hope....

  • Have you heard of LipSense? Lipsense will stay right where you put it for 4 to 18hours. It is smearproof, smudgeproof, waterproof and kissproof. It will ensure you look you best...All Day, Every Day. Feel free to contact me or take a look at: to explore the wonders of a lipstick that will actually stand the test.
    • I uses the ColorStay too but instead of thier gloss i just put lip balm over it..
      I've been using the Raballo Rose.. It has a tinge of pink and keeps my lips very moist..
      Give it a try, can't see why it wouldn't work with others like Blistex, etc..
  • CoverGirl has a colorstay lip stick that's two layers. The first is the color. You let that dry, then put the gloss on. You can re-apply the gloss as many times as you want and the color will stay. I love that stuff. Only problem I have...sometimes I have challenges getting it off if I don't have make-up remover on hand, but at least I know it stays. I've been able to sleep in it and still have it look great after a quick gloss coat in the morning.
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    to keep my lips from getting dry with the colourstay, I put chapstick on first, then the color, then the gloss. If i'm using glitter, i put chapstick on, then the color, then glitter while the color is still wet (sticks better than color-gloss-glitter-gloss), and finally gloss.
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      the chapstick first also helps remove the lipstick easier but doesn't make it come off on its own any faster.
      • I use the colorstay all the time. I hate fading lipsticks by the end of a performance and this stuff works great. I add the color and then let it dry. I always use the red glitter on my lips unless its like a Renaissance Faire type performance where glitter wouldn't be appropriate. After the color drys I rub some surgical / eyelash glue on my lips with a q-tip and then lightly rub red glitter on top of it. After it drys I swear it will not budge until you physically remove it yourself (with baby wipes and cold cream) Even through eating and sleeping and even a few kisses from the spouse. Harder than hell to get off but its a good excuse to exfoliate the lips :0) Everytime I have ever attempted the gloss way of doing glitter in ends up sliding all over my mouth and my teeth. Sucks chewing on little pieces of red plastic.

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